Quiniela Plus: Rules, Price & Odds

The Rules of Quiniela Plus

Quiniela Plus, also known as Quiniela to the general populace of Argentina, is a lottery game in which players select numbers that correspond to the numbers that are drawn. In retrospect, it resembles prominent lotteries from all over the globe. If we must identify a few, we can mention Mega Millions in the United States, Lotto in the United Kingdom, etc.

In addition to Loto 5, Loto Desquite, Loto Tradicional, Quini 6 Tradicional, Quini 6 Segunda Vuelta, Quini 6 Revancha, Quini 6 Siempre Sale, and Brinco, the Argentine state lottery commission offers Quiniela Plus. On the official website, the administrator is identified as Lotera de la Provincia.


In 2004, it came to life and became an immediate hit across the nation.


Constant selections are one of the major attractions of the Quiniela Plus lottery. Monday through Saturday, the numbers are consistently drawn. In addition, there is no jackpot rollover limit, allowing the prize to potentially reach large amounts. And it occurs more frequently than the majority of other lotteries worldwide.


You begin the game by selecting eight sets of two-digit integers. Now, you may believe that the pool of numbers begins with 10. However, this is not the situation. It begins with the number one but is represented as 01. In addition, the pool of available numbers contains all digits between 01 and 99.


The eight sets of numbers you draw are your own, and you must match them with the numbers drawn in the subsequent draw. You may have selected eight numbers, but the draw will contain twenty sets of four numbers each.


To win the jackpot, you must match all eight of your numbers to the final two digits of the numbers drawn. Wait until we explain it with an illustration in the next section if it’s not making much sense at the moment.


In the niche of Quiniela, there are two additional games known as Super Plus and Chance Plus. Except for number positions, the conditions for these draws are virtually identical.


The middle two digits of the four-digit set for Chance Plus determine the victor. In addition, for Super Plus, the first two numerals are the most significant. Clearly, the lottery authority has designed the game with great care and inclusiveness so that everyone has the best possible chance of winning.


Regulations for Quiniela Plus

A lottery program is only as effective as its regulations. In fact, if the rules are not followed, you cannot expect a lottery to run effectively and pay out to the winners. In Argentina, the same can be said for Quiniela Plus.


In this section, we will discuss the information you need to know to increase your chances of winning.


Chances of Winning Prizes

The likelihood of winning the reward is the first consideration when considering lotteries. Because, at the end of the day, everyone wagers to win the windfall rather than the second-tier prizes. Consequently, the probabilities of winning the jackpot are often the lowest. For instance, the straight bet has the highest probability in online roulette. The same holds true for the Quiniela Plus windfall price.


To win, you must match all eight numbers with the numbers drawn. It is a 1 in 1,477,239 chance, providing you an exact 0.00007% chance of winning. It is not very advantageous for the players, but you cannot evaluate it based on the enormous jackpot.


For the second prize, you must match seven numbers from your selections, which has odds of 1 in 30,006. Compared to the jackpot reward, the odds for the second-place prize appear favorable.


For the third prize, the odds of winning are 1 in 1,519, or 0.07%. Lastly, the probability of winning the fourth prize is 1 in 146, or 0.68 percent. As can be seen, the bare minimum for an award is five matches. The same holds true for the primary lottery, Chance Plus, and Super Plus.


Ticket Price for Quiniela Plus

Regarding the popularity of a lottery program among participants, the price of the tickets plays a significant role. We have observed that the lotteries with the most affordable entries are the most popular with participants.


The justification is quite straightforward. People typically do not want to spend a lot of money on lottery tickets because the probabilities are so low. Thankfully, Argentine Quiniela Plus ticket prices are very reasonable. For only AR$40, you are automatically entered into the Quiniela Jackpot, Chance Plus Jackpot, and Super Plus Jackpot.


The lack of online purchase options is one of the largest drawbacks of this Argentinian lottery. Even the Lotería de la Provincia website doesn’t sell tickets. Likewise, no online casinos exist in Argentina.


Tickets can only be purchased from authorized retailers. You must visit the shops in person and purchase as many tickets as feasible. On the plus side, the daily draw results are updated on the website.

How to Claim Prizes from Quiniela Plus


As you might have guessed, the online support for the Quiniela lottery is inadequate. The same holds true for prize claims. You have 15 days to manually file a claim for your lottery winnings. Other operators manage the various lottery activities offered in the country. Lotera de la Provincia administers the Quiniela Plus. The address is Calle 46 No. 581 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


You must also provide the authorities with proof of your identity, age, and lottery ticket when claiming your prize. Therefore, you must bring all required documents to the office. This is the traditional form of Know Your Customer, unlike what we’re used to seeing on online gambling platforms.


These Prizes’ Taxes

The government of Argentina imposes taxes on lottery proceeds. It may not be the ideal practice, as governments such as the United Kingdom have eliminated taxes on lottery winnings.


When you win a prize from any of Argentina’s lotteries, you must pay the government 31% in taxes. Lottery winnings are subject to one of the highest tax rates in the globe. The United States has the greatest federal tax, at 37%.

Our Opinion on Quiniela Plus


In Argentina, Quiniela Plus is not your only lottery option. There are numerous others with distinct prize pools and rules. However, we believe that the Quiniela Plus is one of the most beginner-friendly games in terms of payouts and probabilities.


If you’ve been searching for a lottery to play in the country but were undecided, we strongly advise you to give Quiniela Plus a shot. You may have to physically trek to the lottery retailers to obtain tickets, but the effort may be worthwhile.


Quiniela Plus FAQs

Quiniela is one of those state lotteries about which little information is available. Thus, we will attempt to address some of your most frequently asked concerns.


What dates are the draws for Quiniela Plus?


Draws for Quiniela + occur six days per week, from Monday to Saturday. You can view the results after 9:00 PM AST (GMT-3) on the website.


Who is the owner of Quiniela Plus?


Quiniela Plus is a state lottery administered by Lotería de la Provincia.


How likely are you to win Quiniela Plus?


The payout is the largest prize in the Quiniela Lottery, with odds of 1 in 1,477,238. Unfortunately, the Lotera de la Provincia website does not list the percentages for Chance Plus and Super Plus.






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