Microgaming’s Roman Power makes its debut on the SpinPlay platform.

Discover the history of the Roman Empire.

Microgaming has just recently agreed into an exclusive supply contract with the production business SpinPlay Games, which is situated in Las Vegas. Roman Power is the first SpinPlay title to be published as a result of the new deal. This is a slot machine that is focused on the history and style of the Roman Empire, as you may have guessed from the name, and we have to admit that it is an outstanding debut that is already proving popular with Microgaming fans all around the world.

Motivated by Mathematics

SpinPlay Games is one of the younger firms that have partnered with Microgaming. The company was founded in February 2019, making it one of the newest companies in the industry. This company was established by mathematicians, and it refers to itself as “a math first studio.” This is one of the things that sets it different from other businesses and is one of the things that makes it unique. The fact that the development team placed the mathematical model at the center of the experience and built everything else around it does not in any way imply that other aspects of the production of online games take a second seat. Rather, this merely underscores the fact that the mathematical model was placed at the center of the experience and that everything else was built around it.

About the Power of the Romans

Roman Power is a slot game that has five reels, three rows, and twenty different pay lines. The action takes place inside an iconic Pantheonic temple structure, while the background environment depicts clouds rolling menacingly against a sky that has a Roman-like dramatic quality to it. Throughout the entirety of the game, a formidable orchestral soundtrack plays, lending the title a somewhat militaristic air. Discreet sound effects serve to highlight victory and other events without detracting in any way from the wonderfully built feeling of atmosphere.

Playing card ranks 10, J, Q, K, and A are shown in this game using a crimson and gold 3D font. Other symbols include crossed swords, a shield, a breastplate, a helmet, and a Roman Hero wild. All of the symbols are extremely sharp and clear, and they appear to be of the same high quality when viewed on the smaller screens of mobile and tablet devices as they do when viewed on full-size computer monitors.

Increasing the Size of Hero Wilds

The Hero Wild sign appears on each and every reel, and it will always appear in the default format of the standard size. On the other hand, it has the ability to enlarge itself so that it covers the entire reel on which it appears. It will only do this if a fully wild reel would allow you to complete or improve a winning combination, but when it does, you will be rewarded to a wonderful action animation that in some way makes the winnings more memorable than they would have been otherwise.

Power Multiplication Capability

You will have a chance to activate a Power Multiplier feature whenever the Hero Wild expands, and this possibility increases the more the Hero Wild expands. When this is activated, a multiplier of unknown value will be disclosed. This multiplier could be worth 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, or even 10x the normal amount. If a value has been granted, it will be shown in a fire bowl that is positioned above the third reel, and you will be able to determine whether or not you have won it. After then, the value that is displayed will be increased by your award.

A Commendable Beginning

Even if there are no free spins or other bonus features available in Roman Power, SpinPlay Games has made a strong first impression with this high-volatility slot machine, which raises the standard for the company’s upcoming releases. Since the game is already running, you should go to the location of your choice that hosts games from Microgaming so that you can compete for the top prize, which could be worth up to 4,000 times what you wagered.






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