EZ Voucher Casinos

A casino deposit method that is geared primarily toward players from the United States is known as EZ Voucher. In a nutshell, EZ Voucher enables you to make an online purchase of a voucher that is accompanied by a 36-digit number. After that, you may go to any gaming website of your choosing and redeem that certificate, which will allow you to add real money to your player account.

When you choose EZ Voucher as a deposit method for the first time, you will be sent to a website called Pasteandpay.com. This is the business that is in charge of selling EZ Vouchers. After that, you will need to authenticate your identity and create an account with Pasteandpay.com. Following the completion of that step, you’ll be able to use any major credit or debit card to buy EZ Vouchers.


Update on EZ Voucher

It would appear that EZ Voucher has been removed as a deposit option at the majority of online casinos. The majority of casinos used to be able to take payments made with EZ Voucher. Because of this shift, I am having a difficult time locating casinos that will allow my chosen method of depositing funds.


The EZ Voucher can still be used at Club World Casinos, but if you are located in the United States, you will be redirected to the Club USA website whenever you access the Club World Casinos website. This is because both casinos are owned by the same corporation. Club USA does not take EZ Voucher as a form of payment.


Even if you do not reside in the United States, you are still able to visit Club World and make deposits using EZ Voucher. Aside from that, I am not aware of any other casinos that are worth mentioning that take it. If you’re like most people, your best bet is to experiment with a new manner of making deposits.


Instructions for Making a Deposit Using an EZ Voucher

You may use EZ Voucher to fund your real money gambling account at any casino of your choosing (though I recommend playing at one of the casinos listed above). All you need to do is log in. Proceed to the screen for the cashier and select the “EZ Voucher” option there. You are going to be sent to the Pasteandpay website at this time.


You will be required to provide personal information in order to create an account on the Pasteandpay website. Simply click the “register” button, and then complete the brief form that appears on the following page. After you have taken care of that business, it is possible that you will be asked to provide evidence of your identity. You will almost always be required to scan a copy of your government-issued identification as well as a current utility bill. I am aware that it is inconvenient, but you will only have to go through this process once.


After you have created an account with Pasteandpay, you will be able to make a purchase of an EZ Voucher using the Pasteandpay website. Using your Visa or MasterCard to make purchases of EZ Vouchers is the option that is recommended. I have it on good authority that Pasteandpay is compatible with PayPal, but I have not been able to independently verify this as of yet.


Anyways, once you have your voucher, you’re almost done. You can redeem your voucher by returning to the screen used to make deposits in the casino. You will be prompted to key in the voucher number before the casino proceeds to credit your account with the funds. That is the extent of the matter.


To make a deposit using an EZ voucher, you will need to go through a few more steps than when using a credit card to make a direct deposit into the casino; nonetheless, EZ voucher deposits are accepted without fail. If you’ve ever had a deposit using a credit card at an online casino denied for any reason, this is an excellent alternate method of making deposits.


The fact that EZ voucher casinos do not need to know your personal banking information is an additional perk that they offer. The only thing required of you to have a funded account is to use the voucher at the casino. Your credit card number and other sensitive financial information are never even seen by the casino.






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