Evaluation of Masters of Valhalla

Play the Masters of Valhalla slot machine from Snowborn Games and get acquainted with the Norse Gods. The slot machine has high volatility, 1,024 chances to win, an RTP of 94.00% at the outset, and many exciting extras. To learn more, please read our in-depth review.

Here’s how I put the Valkyries to the test:

While evaluating the bonus features of the Masters of Valhalla slot machine, I came up with the following list of must-haves:

Design and layout: an image of a Norse god set to heavenly music

Maximum Payout, Variance, and Return to Player: High Volatility, Low RTP, and Average

Wilds, Wild God Respins, the Valhalla Bonus, and the Valhalla Bonus are some of the features of the base game and bonus features. Booster, Booster, Berserk!

Best bonus for playing Masters of Valhalla

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Images and Prizes from the Masters of Valhalla

These signs

Five reels and four rows make up the slot machine grid in Masters of Valhalla. The wild, which looks like a colored W with a rune on it, is the strongest symbol. Thor, Odin, Freya, and Hel follow.

Lower paying symbols in the Masters of Valhalla online slot machine are the runes othala, fehu, wunjo, and hagalaz.


There are 1,024 possible paylines on the Masters of Valhalla slot game. Aligning identical symbols on neighboring reels, from left to right, creates a winning payline. Each payline only pays out for the highest possible winning combination. However, payouts for multiple wins are accumulated.

Settings for autoplay and maximum bets

Select a wager between 0.20 and 25.00 to get started playing the Masters of Valhalla slot machine. Choose from 25, 40, 50, 60, 80, or 100 games to play automatically with the autoplay function. The game does not allow players to adjust their chances of winning or losing.


An RTP of 94.00% is the norm for the Masters of Valhalla video slot game. With the addition of Valhalla Bonus, this rises to 94.03%, and with the addition of Valhalla Bonus – Berserk, it reaches 94.12%.


This is especially true of the Masters of Valhalla slot machine.

Maximum success

The maximum payout on the Masters of Valhalla slot machine is 20,000 times the player’s initial bet. This means a max stake has the potential to pay out in coins up to 500k. There is no jackpot in this game.

Play the Masters of Valhalla slot and you may win up to 500,000 coins!

The Masters of Valhalla slot machine has a not-so-huge but nonetheless attractive maximum payout of 20,000 times your wager. Although the game’s premise and features more than make up for the low RTP and excessive volatility, the game’s overall design leaves something to be desired. Keep an eye on your balance if you choose autoplay; you can’t restrict your losses or gains in this mode. The Masters of Valhalla slot machine by Snowborn Games is otherwise excellent.

Playable Elements

The Wilds in the Masters of Valhalla slot game.

There are four distinct wilds in the Masters of Valhalla slot machine, each of a different color to correspond with the corresponding God icon. These boost your chances of winning by standing in for any other symbol in the game (with the exception of the bonus symbols). When three or more appear on an active payline, you win a prize.

The Revolving Wild God

In the Masters of Valhalla slot machine, wilds are stored in a chest located to the left of the game board. By doing so, you increase your odds of triggering the Wild God Respins feature, in which anywhere from one to nineteen extra wilds are added to the reels to substitute for the corresponding God symbol.

Angry Energizer

The Masters of Valhalla slot machine’s Berserk Booster will accumulate Bonus symbols that appear on Reels 1 and 3 but do not initiate the Bonus Game. If you initiate the bonus round after this is finished, you will enter Berserk mode and be awarded an extra spin. If you alter your wager, the Berserk Booster will be reset.

Bonus from Valhalla and Berserk’s Bonus from Valhalla

The Valhalla Bonus round, or the Valhalla Bonus – Berserk round if the Berserk Booster is full, is triggered by landing three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels of the Masters of Valhalla slot machine. Bonus rounds of 3 or 4 spins are triggered whenever any of the following symbols remains on the screen:

Multipliers ranging from 1x to 9x are awarded for wooden shield symbols. There is a multiplier of 10x to 50x attached to each golden shield.

When the Thor symbol appears, it activates the Thor Reel Expansion bonus, in which the symbol and its multiplier spread down across all of the reels. When a second Thor successfully touches down, growth will accelerate skyward.

Freya: Multiplies all symbols on the reels by a random number between 2x and 9x for the current and subsequent spins.

Symbols on the board are multiplied by a range of nine times in Hugin and Munin.

Odin: Multiplies all subsequent spins by a factor between 1x and 9x if any of the same symbols from the current spin appear.

When the Garmr lands, it multiplies the value of all symbols on that spin by an amount between 1 and 9, and it accumulates that total.

Hel: Does what Garmr does, only it affects the current and subsequent spins as well.

Symbols other than shields have a better probability of landing on the reels at certain “hot spots,” which are picked at random.

When the spin counter reaches zero or the grid is completely full, the round ends. If the latter occurs, you’ll win 500 times your initial wager.

Freebie Buy

The Valhalla Bonus and Valhalla Bonus Berserk features on the Masters of Valhalla slot machine can be purchased for 50x and 100x your bet, respectively.

Get crazy with the options available in the Masters of Valhalla slot machine.

The design and implementation of the features of the Masters of Valhalla slot machine by Snowborn Games are top notch. The Wild God Respins feature allows you to experience the might of the gods by awarding up to 19 wild symbols. The Valhalla Bonus round follows, where you can win a prize fit for a Norse God by using multipliers and modifiers. What more could you want than the option to purchase entry into the bonus round?

Play the online slot Master of Valhalla and meet the Norse Gods.

The sights and sound on the slot machine Masters of Valhalla are well done; they set the scene and make you feel like you’re in a genuine Norse adventure. The snowy mountains serve as a backdrop for the grid, and the free spins gates are located off to the left. Crows stand guard over the treasure box and the Bonus Buy. The audio features celestial-themed music in the background and appropriately themed sound effects. A big cheer for Snowborn Games!

Options for fixing games that are giving you trouble

If an interruption occurs during a round, you can start over from the beginning when you restart the game. You can choose not to watch the replay and still get paid out.

If the game’s replay function isn’t working for you, please contact the site’s support staff.

All wagers and payouts on games where a fault occurred will be returned in full if the gaming equipment or software had a failure.


The slot machine, Masters of Valhalla, boasts a fantastical journey to the stars. The slot machine boasts a 94.00% RTP, a high volatility, and 1,024 chances to win according to its developer, Snowborn Games. The Valhalla Bonus round is where you can win up to 20,000 times your bet by collecting multipliers and unique symbols during the Wild God Respins feature.

Playing the Masters of Valhalla slot machine online is like entering a magical realm.






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